Website Update & Upcoming Shows

First off, we have finally rescued our website back from the abyss and will be back with regular updates and content.

In other news, we are finishing off the amazing year of 2014 with a show at our hometown venue, Angelica’s, in Redwood City. Make your plans and lets party!!


We hope to see you there and look forward to making you dance in 2015!

G.E. 2013 UPDATE!


Generation Esmeralda has just returned from our tour of Brazil! The Band performed an emotional concert in the city of Uba, at the “Festival of Peace”. The show was a tribute in honor of Brad Parker, our drummer that passed away last September during a performance in that city. The concert was attended by an enthusiastic crowd cheering the band throughout more than two hour show! The band was presented with the festival flag and made official Ambassadors for the “Festival of Peace”. The Festival is being presented in Uba, Brazil; Madrid, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal and Kenya, Africa.

We then went on to Sao Paulo to perform on the “Programa do Jo” television show, which airs on Rede Globo Television in Brazil. Globo Television is the largest television network in the Americas, and “Programa do Jo” is the most popular talk show in the Country.


After our television taping GE performed at the upscale entertainment venue “CLUB A”. We were greeted by a wonderful and appreciative audience of both longtime fans and newcomers who were hearing the the songs for the first time.

We traveled through many smaller towns and returned to Juiz de Fora to close out our round of shows at the fantastic venue known as
“Cultural Bar”. The show was a rousing success and again we were met with an incredibly warm response, and again the show continued for nearly two hours!


We want to thank Sergio Lopes and his wonderful assistant, Tomas Santana, along with his wonderful team of Jerubal Liasch on sound,
GG on lighting, and Mariana Tiso for her wonderful photographs and assistance throughout our stay. We are looking forward to our return tour in 2014!!